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A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended roof framework comprising of two essential segments – a border profile and a lightweight layer which stretches and clasps into the track. Notwithstanding roofs, the framework may likewise be utilized to make divider applications, roof and divider wall paintings, suspended 3-D boards, or unsupported highlights. They can be given basically any shape. Stretch Ceiling Systems permit the consolidation of a wide range of light installations, grilles, sprinklers, and so forth


The stretch ceiling can be formed into 3-dimensional shapes, suspended from cables, installed wall to wall or placed as ceiling panels. It can be printed or painted for additional effects, is entirely waterproof, washable and is maintenance free, hygienic, and non toxic, antistatic and non-allergic. 

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  • The unique Stretch Ceiling System offers a fantastic opportunity and the freedom for an added dimension in design potential. The versatile profile system allows the ceiling to be installed as a simplistic flat ceiling or in varying forms such as pitched, curved, vaulted, domed, 3-D, or circular.
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  • Lacquered finish is the most well known choice for kitchen, lounge room, room and washroom roofs, as it makes any room seem bigger by making an insight that the rooftop is higher. Calfskin finish is broadly mainstream for home office and room roofs. Clear roof is normal for territories where the whole roof ought to be illuminated.
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